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We are a bunch of contemporary writers dedicated to the revival of Western Storytelling. This website features a stable of men and women who love some aspect of, or everything about western life.TedAtoka

One of the most dedicated western writers around, Ted Atoka is a primary contributor of all matter of western storytelling. His humor is unsurpassed and his love of all things country from “the side of a dirt road” to “small town shopping” comes off in gritty, grand style, and lots of laughable moments.

Ted’s “pardner” in Writers of the West, Earl Chessher, fed off his own small town background, adding a healthy dose of Zane Grey, Louis L’Amour, even Luke Short and Jack London to a “love for western storytelling in all its permutations” that just won’t die!

A never ending series of free “Shorties,” by all the WOW’sers will be enhanced by other titles as well. Atoka’s “Come Sundown” a novella, is available NOW! Chessher’s “Stilts” is pending final approval for publication as you read this.

W.O.W will feature short story eBooks, anthologies and collections, and as many as 20 longer eBook titles from each member.

Novellas will feature all new stories from the West and about the West. They will be 20,000 words, or longer.

Check out our author profiles. Find out about their other available titles and read WHY they love to write. Check the navigation menu bar to find them by name. Now, go meet Mary Bradford, S. McKane, Patti Geesey, Sam Harper, Angel Potter Cox and Micheal O’Flaherty.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. As one of Ted’s friends and fans, I’d like to wish all of you the best with this wonderful site. Looking forward to reading all the Shorties you guys publish.
    Sue McCarty

    • Thank you so much Sue; we look forward to your frequent visits. Sunshine like yours makes us want to sing!