Angel Potter Cox

Born in Tennessee, raised from the age of three in Texas: “You just can’t get any better background than that,” says Angel. “I call myself a Texas Hillbilly.”AngelMugCrop

As a child, playing at the creek, picking blackberries along the barbed wire fence, and catching fireflies on a hot summer night were about the best days I can remember. Eating watermelon straight out of the garden, homemade ice cream on hot summer nights, and dancing under the stars were also right up there.

It would be impossible to capture all those memories on paper, but I’m going to do my best to share them, and more, with you, dear readers. I’m gonna give you a BIG OL’ taste of what growing up in Texas, and the history of this huge, magnificent state before my time, is all about.

I’m not an exclusive author of westerns. But I tell the truth in all my stories about the West. Especially from a Texan’s viewpoint. If you are part of the former Republic, you just can’t explain it; if you’re outside of it, you’ll never quite understand it. That paraphrased statement comes from Texas A&M, which, again, is a part of life only an “Aggie” could understand. Welcome to my Texas passion. Hold on and enjoy the ride.

— Angel Potter Cox

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