Indie Anna

“Hi, Indie Anna, haven’t see you or your mama for awhile. Are you gettin’ your supplies elsewhere?”

“No, Chauncy, we haven’t needed anything is all.”

Indie was looking at fabric when Chauncy asked, “Your mama chaws tabacca don’t she, Indie?”

“My mama ain’t chewin’ no more, Chauncy, she lost all her teeth when Buck throwed her over the gate.”

“Dang, that must’ve hurt.”

“She didn’t feel a thing; her belly was was full of moonshine.”

“Hey Indie, how old is Bucky anyhow?”

“He’s twelve, and ornery like his father.”

“Damn, Indie, I remember when that whippersnapper was birthed.”

“It was a hard one. He kept us up all night, he did.”

“Is your mama going to have some woodies made?”


“Wood chompers. So she can take a bite outta life. Ha ha.”

“Ain’t sumthin’ she ever mentioned to me. Let me see what they look like.”

“Ha ha, I don’t have woodies here.”

“Where can she get ’em, Chauncy?”

“Tell your mama the barber in Boomtown can fix her up. She’ll be chawin’ tabacca like her cows chew cud. Ha ha. Where’s your mama anyways, Indie?”

“Went to help out with the cookin’ over at the new folk’s barn raisin’. No tellin’ when she’ll be done.”

“Gettin’ back to Bucky and your mama’s teeth. What did she do to him for makin’ her toothless? I know she has a vengeful streak in her.”

“You know my mama. She wanted to knock his teeth out with a shovel, but thought twice about that. Instead, she gave him molasses. It stuck to his teeth and gums; he couldn’t run because she had ’im hobbled.”

“How’d Buck react to that?”

“Alls he could say was neigh, neigh, neigh.”

— S. McKane