by Earl ChessherMASTERCOPY - STILTS cover

Now available In eBook and paperback, multiple sources. This 24,000-word novella features “Stilts” who had his legs shot out from under him as a young boy.

No way in hell can a boy survive with his legs shot out from under him. Harsh realities dictate that the weak perish while the strong survive, and there’s no compassion for those who cannot fend for themselves.

Life without your legs is a sure sign that you’ll die… unless you’re born with a lot of heart and a will to live long enough to serve your own kind of justice.

Randy learns to get along perfectly with his powerful arms and shoulders, and a pair of stubs ending just above his knees. But a set of wooden legs designed for him by Father Jeremy, a priest in need of saving, become weapons no outlaw can outshoot.

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