HERE NOW! “For Sale,” “Fingers Maguire” and “The Hero,” by Mary Bradford; and “The Life of a Cowboy is Hard,” by Angel Potter Cox—more than 20 GREAT short stories, free for the reading. They’re copyrighted, though, so keep that in mind. Ask for permission if you want to share.

Ted Atoka likes this term for stories, reminiscences, humorous pieces and homespun tales that run 200-to-700 words. They’re always free, and always here.

We started with “The Wheels that Squealed” by Earl Chessher, and “Late Fall, 1864” by Ted Atoka, but there are plenty more, and more to come. We’ll always have something new to read. For free!

When a goodly number of shorties has been created, we’ll put them together in an anthology or collection, offering an ePub and print version for a fistful of change. Something to look forward to, and add to your personal collection.

Check out “Mattie’s Merchantile” by Angel Potter Cox, an awesome glimpse into the realities of western life for women.

Currently, there are twenty-three short stories featured, with several more on their way. Hover your curser over “Shorties” in the navigation bar for the dropdown menu and to make a selection.

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