Three Fingers Foley

Foley was out in Hollis, Oklahoma, hunting rattlesnakes. Every year they have a rattlesnake roundup somewhere, and he’s won a few prizes for collecting them. Anyway, he always carries his six-shooter with him on the hunts, hand-tooled belt, holster and all. One time while he was snake hunting, he’d consumed an extra-large batch of barbecued ribs for lunch, along with a plate of beans. And the urge came on him to evacuate his bowels. So he found a bush to hunker down behind, and then attended to business.

Being a forward-thinking man, Foley took a wad of toilet paper with him on these hunts for just such an occasion. He always folded it several times and pressed it down into his gun holster. He figured it’d also help keep dust and dirt out of the pistol’s barrel.BallandCapPistol

Now, needing the toilet paper, he unhitched the hammer strap and tried to free the revolver. However, the barrel’s front sight had become stuck between the toilet paper and the holster. And Foley, sitting on his heels with his jeans around his ankles, reached around and grabbed the holster with his left hand, and then jerked the pistol with his right. His finger slipped, he pulled the trigger, and he blew off the fourth and fifth fingers of his left hand.

— Ted Atoka

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